Welcome to the Indonesia-Netherlands Water Challenge 2016!

The Indonesia-Netherlands Water Challenge 2016 is an exciting program in which university students and young professionals are invited to learn about important water problems in their own country and cooperate with professionals experts to develop their own ideas and solutions. The program specifically appeals to the interests, skills and capabilities of young people and challenges them to apply their own original and independent thinking.

Under the theme BLUE-GREEN CITIES, the program in 2016 engages students and young professionals in Indonesia with the challenges of sustainable city development. Participants will be creating their own ideas and solutions for Blue-Green Indonesian cities, supported by professional experts from the Dutch partners.

The challenge of Blue-Green Cities requires a multi-disciplinary approach so we welcome students and young professionals from all disciplines, such as architecture, urban planning, water resources management, hydraulic engineering (rivers, coasts, ports), geology, environmental sciences, landscape architecture, public policy, economics, etc.

Program Overview

The water challenge offers an exciting program of activities, running from September 2016 until February/March 2017. Exact dates will be communicated through Facebook (

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Campus Program & Registration
We will visit several universities and institutes across Indonesia in the 2nd half of September to present the program. All students are welcome to join this Campus Program. It is a great opportunity to learn about the challenges of Blue-Green Cities, the cooperation in this area between Indonesia and the Netherlands and the organisations involved. Details about the Campus Program locations and times will be published on our Facebook page.

Registration closes on Sunday 2 October. After the registration closes, we will select between 20 and 30 students and young professionals for the Water Academy program.

Water Academy
The Water Academy program will give 20-30 selected students an intensive and unique experience, learning about Blue-Green City development through presentations, team assignments, field trips, guest lectures and skills training. The Water Academy program consists of 3 phases:
Phase 1 A 2-day introduction program in Jakarta. Participants will learn the fundamentals about Blue-Green Cities, international best-practices and challenges and opportunities for blue-green development in the context of Indonesian cities.
Phase 2 The teams will be working from their own campuses and organisations, developing their original Blue-Green City ideas and concepts. Throughout this phase, the teams have access to our secure, dedicated BlueSpring online platform, through which they can get support and guidance from their mentors.
Phase 3 The teams will be coming back to Jakarta for 2 days to further develop their ideas prepare their final presentations. We will be inviting experts from different disciplines and stakeholders, such as city government, urban design, architecture, private developers and spatial planning to validate the feasibility of the plans.

Grand Final
The program will be closed with a celebratory event where all teams will be doing their final presentations in front of a professional audience with senior representatives from the Indonesian and Dutch water sectors. An Expert Panel will be judging the presentations. After the award ceremony, there will be an informal networking event, providing the participants a great opportunity to meet with professionals from all organisations.

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Participating in the Indonesia-Netherlands Water Challenge is a unique opportunity to learn about important water challenges in Indonesia, to work on practical topics and to develop your own ideas and solutions.

In addition, this is a great chance to get to know different companies and work together with their top experts. From the previous water challenge program in 2013-2014, several participants were offered internships and jobs!

One of them is Aditya Riski Taufani who graduated from Universitas Gadjah Mada and is now working as a young expert in operational water management with water challenge partner Deltares:

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